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Torian Insurance offers commercial auto insurance that’s tailored to your needs. We’ll work with you to find the best policy at the best price, so you can rest easy knowing your drivers are fully covered.

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commercial auto insurance protects you from the financial burdens caused by an accident.

Vehicles Are An Investment Worth Protecting

You’ve worked hard to run a successful business, so it’s important to protect yourself and your assets from financial ruin. Commercial auto insurance works very similar to personal car insurance. However, it protects vehicles that are used for commercial purposes. These type of policies cover the financial burdens of damage to your vehicles, driver injury, injury to someone else, and damage to someone else’s property. Stay focused on running your business and let us take care of insuring your commercial vehicles.

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Commercial Auto Insurance FAQs

Commercial auto insurance is a type of insurance designed to protect businesses that use vehicles for commercial purposes. This can include anything from cars and trucks used for sales or delivery to buses and vans used for transportation.

Commercial auto insurance can provide protection for the vehicles themselves, as well as for the drivers in the event of an accident. It can also help to cover the costs of damages and injuries caused by the use of commercial vehicles.

Commercial auto insurance is vital for any business that owns vehicles. A few key indicators that you need commercial auto insurance are:

  • You transport goods or people for a fee
  • You use your vehicle to conduct a service
  • The vehicle’s ownership is under a company name
  • An employee operates the vehicle
  • You haul a considerable about of weight or tow items in order to conduct business

Some common professions that require commercial auto insurance policies are: electricians, caterers, plumbers, HVAC technicians, home contractors, landscapers, tree removal services, realtors/ real estate, etc.

Commercial auto policies generally cover:

  • Medical expenses: Covers injuries of the driver or of others
  • Property damage expenses: Covers the cost to repair your damaged vehicles or someone else’s if you were found liable
  • Comprehensive & collision: Covers vehicle damage from theft, vandalism, fire, flood, etc
  • Uninsured motorists: Covers damages done by an uninsured motorist or hit and run

The costs of a commercial car policy will vary based on a number of factors including:

  • The number of vehicles needing to be insured
  • The type of vehicles and their value
  • The planned uses of the vehicles
  • Previous claim and insurance history

Commercial vehicle policies vary but some of the common types of vehicles that can be insured are:

  • Passenger vehicles
  • Food trucks
  • Pickup trucks and cargo vans
  • Large trucks 
  • Trailors

Torian as a insurance broker gives much more than insurance. They look at the important details contained within small print on many different policies/providers that a normal person would miss and ensure you get the correct policy and more importantly have proper coverage in the event of a claim. After the sale is done, they are even better with their customer service attending to your every need. I had occasion to make a claim that an unnamed insurance company tried to deny. Torian stepped in with several resources to represent me in getting the claim paid. With success! Using Torian is like having "a friend on the inside".

Excellent knowledge about all types of insurance. They have years of experience in every kind of situation that a commercial business can face, therefore applying that knowledge to customers who are new to the commercial side of insurance. We have used Torian for years and have nothing but praise for their service.

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