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Torian Insurance, in Evansville, IN offers commercial crime insurance which is designed to protect your business from a wide range of crimes, including theft, fraud, and embezzlement. 

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Commercial crime insurance protects your company from financial burdens of crimes such as fraud, theft, and vandalism.

Every Business Faces The Costly Risk Of Commercial Crime

It’s easy to think that your business will never fall victim to a crime committed against it. The reality is the risk is always there, and possibly even more prevalent today than ever before. Commercial crime insurance provides protection for businesses from losses caused by criminal activity. This can include things like employee theft, fraud, forgery, money laundering, and embezzlement.

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Commercial Crime Insurance FAQs

Commercial crime insurance safeguards businesses from the various criminal risks they may face – such as theft, robbery, burglary, forgery, or fraud committed by employees or by those outside your business.  It offers peace of mind that any financial losses resulting from these activities can be mitigated.

Every business is at risk of crime but some businesses face additional risks. Crime insurance is especially important for companies who have part time employees, handle cash transactions, have sensitive customer data, manage inventory, have expensive equipment or assets on site, handle confidential financial records, etc. 

Commercial crime insurance is important so that you don’t face the financial burdens if you fall victim to a crime.

Commercial crime insurance coverage typically includes:

  • Theft of money or property
  • Damage or destruction to property
  • Burglary/Robbery
  • Forgery
  • Fraud
  • Some cybercrimes
  • Counterfeiting
  • Impersonation

Every type of insurance, including commercial crime insurance, has exclusions. Some of the things that are not typically included in a commercial crime policy are:

  • Lost income such as salaries, bonuses, commissions, etc.
  • Legal fees/ Other fines & fees
  • Indirect losses
  • Cybercrime that involves data theft
  • Property damaged by fire
  • Crimes committed by executives or partners
  • Exposures covered by other insurance policies

Every insurance policy is priced based on risk. Commercial crime insurance is no different. Some of the factors that affect the cost of crime insurance policies are:

  • Size of the company/number of employees
  • Revenue
  • Security Measures & Controls
  • Valuable Assets 

While commercial crime insurance is sometimes referred to as fidelity insurance or fidelity bond insurance they are not exactly the same. Fidelity bonds are a sub-type of crime insurance that protect you against dishonest acts committed by employees such as employee theft. Crime insurance policies typically have higher limits than fidelity bonds.

Commercial crime insurance has two types of triggers: discovery trigger and loss sustained trigger. You must decide which scenario you want to trigger your policy.

A discovery coverage policy covers the loss regardless of when the crime happened. It’s “discovered” during the time policy period but the crime could have happened prior to the policy.

A loss sustained coverage policy only covers losses when they happen while the policy is active. 

Businesses typically carry more than one type of insurance policy. Other types of insurance you may need include:

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