Business Insurance

No one understands your business like you do. We feel the same way about our own business. We want to help you protect what you’ve worked so hard for, because it’s the right thing to do.

You’re good at what you do.

Isn’t all that hard work and dedication worth protecting?

Business Insurance

No one understands your business like you do. We feel the same way about our own business. We want to help you protect what you’ve worked so hard for, because it’s the right thing to do.

You’re good at what you do

Isn’t all that hard work and dedication worth protecting?

Let's work together.

We’re in the insurance industry because we love what we do. We know you feel the same way about your own business. Properly educating and informing companies like yours about your insurance coverage options isn’t simply benefitting your business. It affects the communities where we all live, work and play. There is nothing better than collaborating together to provide you the service to adequately protect and prepare you for business as usual, no matter the circumstances.

Size Doesn't Matter

Whether you’re operating a business with 6 employees, or 6,000 employees, we’re confident the service you receive from Torian will be up-close, personal and hands-on – whenever you need it. That’s how we do business, and we’d never sacrifice the quality of service you deserve, just to make money. We have the longevity of your business at heart. We get to know you, and get you only the insurance you need based on your goals and business plan.


As business owners ourselves, we understand the dedication and sacrifices you’ve made to bring your vision to life. It’s only natural to protect it – all all costs.

Business Liability insurance is an important aspect of efficiently running a legitimate business. The benefits of financially protecting your company should an incident arise are invaluable to your peace of mind. Depending on your industry, your clients may even require this coverage before agreeing to enter in a contract with you. We’ll help you hold up your end of the deal.

Business auto liability takes care of any car, truck, trailer, van or other vehicle that helps you conduct business. We’ll determine what you need, based on what you use, giving you one less thing to worry about. 

Work-related injuries and illnesses are natural. We’ll help you get the best coverage to get your employees recovered and back to work, and alleviate your risk as an employer.

Service and advice lending industries (like accountants and attorneys) carry additional risks than what that of a general liability policy covers: bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, etc. In your line of work, there is a delicate need to protect yourself from claims of negligence. Prepare for the worst case scenario, with best case scenario protection.

Protecting your public, private or non-profit company from exposure to executive-level risks is serious business. We’ll make sure personal and company assets and loss prevention are protected at the highest level.  

Not everyone plays well with others. We’ve got your best interest at heart, and can implement a plan to reduce risks caused by dishonest and criminal behavior from a third-party, or employees.

You haven’t covered all your bases until you’ve accounted for fraud: data breaches, hacking and even employee error. The right protection and information can help prevent these breaches, and properly defend you if they do occur. 

Being bonded has the potential to generate more business for your company because this protection gives prospective clients confidently trust and invest in your business. It’s comforting to know a payment guarantee is in place in the case of default. Your reputation is important to us, we can help.

Employee Benefits

Having a benefits package that offers group medical benefits for your current and prospective employees is a competitive way to attract and retain talent. From teams of 6 to businesses with 6,000 employees, we have the capacity to get everyone the benefits they need, and deserve.

We know taking care of your employees is a top priority. It is for us. Every individual and family is different, and so area their specific needs. We’ll walk you through the best choices beyond fundamental medical insurance, and help you do what’s best for your company and your employees.

Including dental insurance in an employee’s benefits package can be affordable to both your business and your employee. No matter the size of your company, there are options available to take care of your specific goals and needs when attracting and retaining the talent you employ.

Group Life Insurance can significantly benefit the lives of your employees’ beneficiaries. Knowing you’re protecting the families of those who help your company grow and thrive is rewarding and reassuring – and we’ll help make it affordable.

Your employees matter to you, and are fundamental to the success of your business. Disability Insurance helps replace their monthly income if they suffer an injury or illness. We can determine the best plan for taking care of the folks who take care of you.

Business Continuation

All flattery aside, you know when there is someone the success of your business couldn’t survive without. That type of clarity is immeasurable, and going above and beyond to protect the owner, founder or key employees may be the best decision you ever make for your company.

Like a prenuptial between business partners or shareholders, this buyout agreement keeps business running smoothly should a co-owner or shareholder die, chooses to leave the company or is otherwise forced to leave the business. Working through these details could save you time and money later down the road.


Business continuation life insurance enables everyone to carry on and conduct business as usual in the event of an untimely death or disablement to a key player in the company. We can help predict and cover your losses if this should occur.

Response time to questions or problems are almost immediate. I always feel like I don't have to explain back story to company representatives as you already know us. As a non-profit, it is important to us that we feel you understand our place in the Community and personally and professionally support us and you always do.

We want to get to know you too

If we take care of our customers, our business will continue to be successful. Our customers are our first priority. Let’s get started.

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