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Torian Insurance, in Evansville, IN, offers affordable renters insurance policies that will protect your belongings in the event of an unexpected incident. With Torian, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your possessions are insured.

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Renters insurance protects your personal belongings inside your home.

Your Landlord's Insurance Doesn't Protect You Or Your Personal Belongings

We can’t predict or control the future but we can help you prepare for it! Your landlord’s insurance only protects the building itself and not what’s inside. Renters insurance, often referred to as tenants insurance, protects your personal belongings in the case of an unexpected incident. It can provide personal property protection, liability protection and help cover additional living expenses if you are displaced from your home.

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The value of your belongings adds up quickly. In the instance of an unfortunate event, renters insurance reduces your financial burden, and in turn reduces your worries.

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Renters Insurance FAQs

Renters insurance, also known as tenants insurance, is often overlooked but is critical for renters. It protects renters against unexpected financial losses due to physical damage, theft or vandalism of their personal belongings and other hazards common within their living space.

Unless you are a homeowner, you can benefit from renters insurance. Renters insurance goes beyond just protecting the loss of your personal belongings. It also helps protect you from liability if someone gets hurt at your rental or if you are at fault for property damage.

While renters insurance policies vary in cost, they all typically are very affordable. According to a U.S. News & World Report, the average cost of a renters insurance policy in the United States is less than $15 a month. 

Renters insurance costs can vary based on your personal risks, where you live, and the amount of coverage you choose.

Regardless of the cost, renters insurance is a good safeguard against costly perils.

Most renters insurance policies cover 3 primary things:

1.) Personal Property – A renters policy will reimburse you for lost or damaged belongings, whether they are destroyed by a disaster or stolen by a burglar.

2.) Liability – Renters insurance can provide liability coverage if someone is injured while on your property or if you cause damage to the building.

3.) Additional Living Expenses -If you are suddenly displaced from your rental home, renters insurance can foot the bill of finding a new place to temporarily live.

As with any insurance, renters insurance has coverage limits. Make sure to speak with a professional insurance agent about your policies coverage and limits.

Yes! Renters insurance protects your belongings from theft both within your home and on the go! For example, if your items were stolen out of your vehicle, renters insurance may be able to help!

To help get a renters insurance quote quickly, make sure you know the following personal information like your full name, date of birth and number of residents living at your home. Other pertinent information to have on hand is location, construction type, prior claim history and home specific details such as if there’s a fire extinguisher or deadbolt.

The five most important things you should know about renter’s insurance are:

  1. This type of coverage is very affordable.

  2. Renter’s insurance covers liability and personal property costs.

  3. A renter’s policy helps pay for additional living expenses if you’re displaced due to a covered event.

  4. Working with an independent agent can help you get the best deal for your money.

  5. Most insurance companies offer discounts, so don’t forget to ask your agent about any discounts you may qualify for.

If you’re not married, you should consider renter’s insurance to cover your personal property and personal liability.

Landlord insurance only covers costs and events relating to the homeowner. It does not cover damages to the tenant’s property, the tenant’s liability, or the tenant’s additional living expenses in the event of displacement.

Some forms of insurance are required on a regulatory level; auto insurance is a perfect example of that requirement. However, there are no states with regulations that require renters to carry renter’s insurance policies.

On the other hand, you may be required to do so by your landlord. Moreover, whether it’s a requirement or not, it’s typically wise to purchase a policy. After all, a few bucks per month could save you from a significant financial hardship in the case of a covered event

We just love working with Torian! Everyone is so wonderful and helpful. We have had excellent guidance, explanations, and recommendations for all of our insurance needs. We completely trust Torian and never have to worry about a thing. Thank you!

I am confident Torian is looking out for my best interest. I don’t worry about when or if something will happen because I know I have the best coverage I can get and at the best cost. Thank you Torian for the great service you offer.

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