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Your special day should be nothing short of perfect. Torian Insurance offers wedding insurance to protect yourself from wedding mishaps, vendor issues or wedding cancellation. Protect yourself from liability in the unfortunate event of damage or injury.

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What Is wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance is a type of  event insurance designed to protect individuals against wedding-related risks. These risks can include things like property damages, injuries, the wedding ring being lost or damaged, a vendor going out of business, or a natural disaster disrupting the wedding.

The most popular type of wedding insurance is wedding liability insurance which protects the bride and groom in case property is damaged or someone gets injured during the ceremony. Wedding cancellation/postponement insurance is typically a separate policy that covers the happy couple if the wedding has to be cancelled or postponed due to circumstances outside of their control.

Depending on the size of your wedding and type of ceremony, your wedding insurance needs may vary.

Why do I need wedding insurance?

Several venues require wedding liability insurance, but even if your venue doesn’t, it is always a good idea to have coverage in case of any unforeseen accidents or problems. Wedding insurance can help protect against loss or damage to property, as well as cancellations or postponements. It is important to note that most wedding insurance policies typically do not cover costs if the wedding is cancelled because the bride or groom has a change of heart!

So why should you buy wedding insurance? Because it’s one less thing to worry about on your big day!

No matter what life throws your way, we are committed to making sure you have the right home insurance policy that meets your needs.

You can rest easy with Torian. As independent Insurance agents, we work for YOU, not the insurance companies! Our expert staff has your best interest at heart which means providing the best coverage.

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