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Torian Insurance offers landlord insurance that can protect you from any potential damage or loss. Our rental property insurance policies are designed to fit the specific needs of landlords, and we offer a variety of coverage options so you can find the perfect policy for your business.

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Protect Your Property Investments With Landlord Insurance

As a property owner, protecting your investment is crucial, and that’s where our landlord insurance comes in. This type of insurance designed specifically for rental property owners, provides coverage for the physical structure of your rental property, including any additional structures, such as garages or sheds. In addition, landlord insurance safeguards you against liability claims that may arise from injuries or property damage that occur on your premises. Trust us to safeguard your rental property, so you can focus on being a successful and worry-free landlord.

Protect Your Rentals With Landlord Insurance

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Landlord Insurance FAQs

Landlord insurance, also known as rental property insurance, is a type of insurance coverage specifically designed for property owners who rent out their properties to tenants. It provides protection for the physical structure of the rental property, as well as coverage for liability claims that may arise from injuries or damages that occur on the property. Landlord insurance policies typically also cover loss of rental income in case the property becomes temporarily uninhabitable due to covered perils, such as fire or severe weather damage.

Landlord insurance is generally recommended for property owners who rent out their properties to tenants. This includes individuals who own residential properties such as single-family homes, multi-unit buildings, condominiums, townhouses, and even vacation rentals. It is also applicable for commercial property owners who lease their space to businesses.

Landlord insurance typically covers:

  • Damage to the dwelling from lightning, wind, fire or other covered losses
  • Other structures such as garages or fences on property
  • Personal property used to service the rental such as a lawnmower or snow blower
  • Liability protection

Other coverages you should consider include:

  • Vandalism & Burglary
  • Building Codes
  • Loss of Rent

Landlord insurance typically has 2 types of coverage:

  • Property
  • Liability

Both are designed to protect the landlord from financial losses.

In short, landlord insurance primarily covers the physical property and liability of the landlord, while renters insurance primarily covers the personal belongings and liability of the tenant.

Yes, it is often possible to bundle landlord insurance with your existing homeowner’s insurance. Many insurance companies offer multi-policy discounts for customers who have multiple policies with them. Bundling your landlord insurance with your homeowner’s insurance can help simplify your insurance coverage and potentially save you money on premiums. However, it is recommended to contact your insurance provider or agent to discuss the specific details and options available to you.

The average landlord insurance policy can range from $300 – $1,000 per year. However a variety of factors can affect the cost of your landlord insurance policy including the type and size of rental property, the location, and the deductibles and coverage you choose.

While landlord insurance provides important coverage for rental properties, there are certain things that are typically not covered by standard landlord insurance policies. Some common exclusions include:

  • Tenant’s Property
  • Maintenance, Equipment Breakdowns, and Normal Wear & Tear
  • Earthquake & Flood Damage
  • Property You Share

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