Disability Insurance: Protect your income and your family

Torian insurance offers disability insurance policies that can help pay your bills if you’re unable to work due to an illness or accident. Our policies are designed to fit your individual needs, and we offer a variety of coverage options so you can find the right policy for you.

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What Is disability insurance?

Disability insurance is a type of coverage that provides financial support in the case of disability or illness. Its purpose is to provide economic security in the event that the insured person becomes unable to work due to illness or injury. 

In order to qualify, the policyholder must typically meet certain medical requirements regarding their disability and income. This makes disability insurance an important resource for those who are at risk of losing income because of their health status. 

Overall, the policy acts as a vital safety net for individuals and families during times of need.

Why do I need disability insurance?

Many people think that disability insurance is only for people who have dangerous jobs. However, the truth is that any working person can benefit from this type of policy.

Disability insurance is a type of insurance that provides financial protection in the event that you are unable to work due to an illness or injury. The benefits can be used to cover medical expenses, replace lost income, or pay for other necessary expenses. 

While there is no way to predict when an accident or illness will occur, disability insurance can give you peace of mind knowing that you and your family will be taken care of financially if something happens to you.

No matter what life throws your way, we are committed to making sure you have the right insurance policy that meets your needs.

You can rest easy with Torian. As independent Insurance agents, we work for YOU, not the insurance companies! Our expert staff has your best interest at heart which means providing the best coverage.

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