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Protect your investment with vacation rental property insurance, also known as short-term rental insurance. At Torian Insurance, in Evansville, Indiana, we offer coverage for damage caused by fire, theft, vandalism, and more.

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Vacation rental property insurance- aka short term rental insurance - protects your secondary home.

Your Vacation Home Generates Revenue, But Without Protection It Can All Be At Risk

It’s hard to imagine anything would ever happen to you or your vacation rental home, but if you aren’t fully prepared for the unexpected, the costs can be devastating.  When you rent out your vacation property for additional income, it’s considered a business activity. Business activities are rarely covered by homeowners insurance which is where vacation rental insurance comes into play. Vacation rental property insurance offers coverage for your vacation home, property and even offers valuable liability protection. With the right insurance policy in place, you can rest easy knowing that your investment will be protected in case anything goes wrong while it is rented out.

Protect Your Short Term Rental With Vacation Rental Insurance

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Vacation Rental Property Insurance FAQs

Vacation rental property insurance is a type of insurance coverage that is specifically designed for owners of vacation or short-term rental properties. This unique form of insurance helps protect vacation rental homes, condos, and apartments from a wide range of potential risks and hazards, from fire damage to liability claims resulting from guest injuries.

Some common features of vacation rental property insurance policies include coverage for emergency repairs and temporary housing for guests during repairs, as well as medical payments coverage for guests who may be injured on the property. Additionally, this insurance typically covers loss of income in the event that your vacation rental is not able to be rented out due to a covered disaster or claim.

Anyone who owns a short-term rental property should carry vacation rental insurance. Vacation rental insurance is designed to protect you and your vacation home when you are there, when its unoccupied and when other guests are staying at the home.

If you have long-term tenants then you need landlord insurance.

If you never rent out your home to paying guests, then you’re probably okay to stick with your homeowners insurance policy.

Vacation rental insurance is specifically for people who rent their property on a short-term basis to paying guests.

Generally speaking, vacation rental insurance protects your home, property and personal liability. Policies and endorsements may vary but some things commonly covered are:

  • Damages to your property 
  • Theft of your property
  • Unexpected cleaning or repair costs due to actions of guests
  • Lost income
  • Liquor liability
  • Infestation
  • Bodily injury to guests
  • Damage to or theft of property belonging to guests belonging

Vacation rentals have been a popular way for travelers to explore the world and enjoy local experiences for many years. However, with the increased use of sites like Airbnb, vacation rental has taken on a whole new meaning. Nowadays, along with traditional beach condos and mountain cabins, travelers can stay in places like tree houses, boats, or even yurts! It’s never been easier to get away from it all and immerse yourself in an exciting travel experience while enjoying some home comforts.

A long-term rental is a property in which the resident dwells for 6 months or longer. If you own a long-term rental you should carry landlord insurance or dwellers insurance.

A short term-rental is a property in which paying guests typically stay a week or two but can be up to 5 months. If you own a short-term rental, then vacation rental property insurance is critical in protecting your property and yourself.

While Airbnb offers its own Host Protection Insurance, and Vrbo offers $1 million in Liability Insurance, it is recommended that hosts carry additional coverage in the form of an endorsement or a commercial policy. This coverage can provide much-needed financial protection against claims from guests or third parties due to injury or property damage that may occur during a stay.

Vacation rental insurance costs can vary. Some of the factors that impact the cost are:

  • The value of your home
  • Condition of your home
  • Location
  • Proximity to fire stations
  • Crime rate in the area
  • Amenities
  • Deductible
  • Level of Coverage

The short answer is YES! If you rent out your vacation property, this is considered a business activity which is not covered by a standard homeowner’s policy.

Home insurance covers your primary residence, personal property and personal liability.

Short-term rental insurance or vacation property rental insurance is designed specifically for individual’s renting their home out to others on a short-term basis.

This type of insurance is only needed if you have paying guests. If you are allowing friends and family to stay for free then it’s not neccessary.

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