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Individual & Family Insurance

Protect yourself and the ones you love most with personal insurance options customized to meet your needs, goals and lifestyle.

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You deserve the best. We hope to change what you expect from your insurance policy – and agent. Clear, honest answers about how your insurance coverage protects you in life are fundamentally important to embracing the world around you: well-prepared, and with confidence.

Coverage that matters

Better insurance coverage means less worry and less risk, no matter what life throws your way. We won’t quote you the fastest, or cheapest insurance available. We help match you with quality insurance coverage that matters for your life. Advising and educating you about your options as we would our own family. No one can predict the future, but Torian Insurance sure can help you prepare for it.

Personal Insurance


Home insurance can’t prevent a tornado from tearing through your home, or a burglar breaking in while you’re away, but it is there to put the pieces back together if something like this happens to you, and your family.


Auto insurance is one of the most common types of insurance protecting you and your family if you’re deemed at fault in the event of an accident.


If you live in a condo, you are already covered by your condo association’s insurance policy. You don’t need the same coverage as a traditional homeowner, but is what your association offers protecting your assets and lifestyle needs?


Just because you don’t own your home, doesn’t mean you don’t have valuable possessions that need protection – just like anyone else.

Landlord & Rental Property

As a landlord or an investor, insuring the property you rent out gives you peace of mind, rain or shine.

Vacation Property

A property or primary residence you use as a short-term or vacation rental isn’t always covered under a standard homeowners or renters policy, and needs additional coverage.

Life Insurance

Term Life

Term life insurance is a good option if you need life insurance for a specific period of time, or if you’re on a budget, but need a larger amount of life insurance.

Whole Life

Whole life insurance is the most common type of permanent life insurance, providing you a death benefit even if you live to be over 100.

Universal Life

A universal life insurance plan protects you and your loved ones, with premium and death benefit flexibility, and a cash value account designed to work in your favor.

Health Insurance


Medical coverage options depend entirely on your lifestyle, and the conversations we have with you about your goals, budget and needs.


Every individual and family is different, and so are their specific needs. If you don’t need vision insurance, why pay for it? We determine your needs, and only include what benefits your wellness goals. 


Depending on your needs, preventative dental care may or may not be a top priority. It could be more affordable to privately pay for these services, rather than paying for a plan. We’ll get to the root of your needs, and advise you accordingly.

Medicare Supplements

Fully understanding how your Medicare policy covers your lifestyle also completely eliminates any guesswork as to whether you’d require supplemental care. We have the answers you need, in language you can understand.  

Disability Insurance

Disability Income

Having Disability Insurance helps replace your monthly income if you suffer an injury or illness. We can put a plan in place, should you ever need it. 

When Bob and Andy Dillow heard of our recent accident, they contacted us immediately to make sure we were ok, to see if we needed help, and to provide us with insurance policy numbers and phone numbers. When I say immediately, I mean I was still in the tow truck having my car moved to the body shop when they made first contact. The Dillow's have been in constant contact with me to make sure I'm being taken care of through the entire process and to answer any questions. I wouldn't trust my insurance needs with anyone else.

Rick S.

We have recommended your agency very highly to friends. We have been extremely pleased with the services we received when we turned claims in. It has always been a very uneventful experience---and that is a good thing. It is so good to know that things will be taken care of and you don't have to dread dealing with your insurance company.

John Stradtner

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Our first priority and responsibility is to you, our client. We’ll start by getting you coverage that works for you, not against. And we’ll always be there when you need us. Let’s chat about how we can be of service to you.

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