Do I Really Need Flood Insurance in Indiana?

flood waters overtake a town in Indiana

Indiana is a state that is known for its diverse landscape, from rolling hills and farmland to bustling cities and waterfront communities.  While this diversity makes Indiana a great place to live and work, it also means that the state is susceptible to a wide range of natural disasters, including floods.  Flooding is one of […]

7 Tips for Finding the Best Independent Insurance Agency Near You

independent insurance agency team discussion at a conference room table

Insurance was first developed in the early 1600s when the United Kingdom passed a law to help protect shipping vessels and their valuable cargo. By 1735, the first American insurance company, the Friendly Society, was created to help protect members from various forms of financial loss. In the centuries since, many new insurance agencies have […]

How an Independent Insurance Agent Gets You the Best Rates

an independent insurance agent and customer service agent having a discussion with an elderly couple

Insurance is designed to protect you from significant financial burdens, and it’s very important to ensure you have the right coverage. On the other hand, you don’t want to pay too much for minimal coverage, or even find yourself paying for coverage you don’t need.  One way to protect yourself from falling victim to the […]

What is Dwelling Insurance Coverage?

Middle aged man repairing burst pipe,plumbing, dwelling coverage concept

There are several different types of insurance, especially when it comes to insurance that protects your property. You’re likely familiar with common options like homeowners and renters insurance, but you may not have heard of dwelling insurance.  So, when the topic of dwelling coverage comes up, there are several questions you’ll probably want to ask, […]

A Brief but Interesting and Informative Guide to the Insurance Claim Process 

An insurance policy with a magnifying glass, money and a model car on top

If you’ve suffered a loss or incurred damages, it’s time to review your insurance coverage. You’ll have to file a claim to acquire a reimbursement from the insurance carrier.  The timing as to when you should submit the claim is largely dependent on the size, type and severity of the loss. Larger claims should be […]

Home Insurance Deductibles—Should I Go High or Low?

Home insurance coverage concept with a home being protected by insurance

Homeowners insurance is a necessary evil for most of us. One of the decisions you’ll need to make when buying homeowners insurance is what deductible to choose. The problem is, most people don’t understand how home insurance deductibles work and as a result, they often end up with a policy that doesn’t offer the best […]

Insurance Agency vs. Insurance Company: The Pros & Cons

Side by side comparison of working with an insurance agency vs. an insurance company

Amidst the backdrop of a pandemic and a global economic downturn, the insurance industry has been rocked by a digitized customer experience, product innovation, and new players jockeying with time-tested organizations.  For people looking to purchase insurance, therefore, the process isn’t as simple or straightforward as it once was. There are more carriers to choose […]

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Insurance Agency

a couple sitting on the floor looking at insurance agency options on their laptop with moving boxes in the background

Having the right insurance plan for your business, health, car, or home is important since it offers protection in case of an unforeseen event. However, with the many insurance companies and agencies that are out there, how can you be sure to choose the best one for you? If you run a quick search for […]

How Much Home Insurance Do I Need?


Figuring out how much home insurance you need can be tricky. There’s no single answer that works for everybody — it all depends on factors specific to your home and personal circumstances. It feels overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t have to be. Considering these six factors will help you work out an appropriate coverage […]

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