7 Tips for Finding the Best Independent Insurance Agency Near You

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Insurance was first developed in the early 1600s when the United Kingdom passed a law to help protect shipping vessels and their valuable cargo. By 1735, the first American insurance company, the Friendly Society, was created to help protect members from various forms of financial loss. In the centuries since, many new insurance agencies have been created to cover events like house fires, disabilities, automobile accidents, and workers’ compensation.

Today, a quick Google search of “independent insurance agency near me” will reveal many different agents who work with a variety of insurance providers to provide clients with custom-tailored policies to fit their unique needs. Unlike a traditional, stand-alone insurance provider, an independent insurance agency can search through the policies of numerous companies to identify the perfect coverage plan for an individual or family. Read on to learn more about the benefits of working with an independent insurance provider and which qualities you should look for in a local agency.

Why Choose an Independent Insurance Agency?

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Conventional insurance companies operate as monoliths that tend to provide the same types of coverage options and rates to every policyholder. Their primary objective is to acquire as many clients as possible. The insurance agents who work for these agencies often receive monetary incentives to upsell expanded coverage to clients even if they don’t need it.

With an independent agency, you’re no longer stuck with only one option for your coverage needs. Independent insurance providers work directly with numerous companies at once, allowing them to explore a wider range of insurance options to accommodate each client’s specific situation. 

An independent insurance agency often delivers more personalized client care than single insurance providers, so there’s no need to endure drawn-out wait times with 1-800 numbers or being passed around to multiple customer support representatives. Independent insurance agencies operate on a more local level, giving clients a single point of contact to handle claims, adjust coverage, and quickly respond to policyholder concerns.

As an independent insurance agency, our team at Torian Insurance will work closely with you to create a custom policy package that works for your budget and coverage requirements. Contact us to speak with one of our friendly representatives over the phone, email, or text to learn more.

What Are Some Things To Look For in a Reputable Independent Insurance Agency? 

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With so many options, selecting an independent insurance agency isn’t always easy. However, it’s possible to narrow down the search by examining the characteristics of the most reputable providers and what helps them stand out from the crowd. Here are some of the most important traits of a reliable and independent local agency.

1. Licensing

A solid independent insurance agency should possess all the proper licensing to sell a variety of policies to their clients, from life or home insurance to vision and dental coverage. Since laws governing insurance licensing vary by state, a reputable independent agency should also ensure all the proper licensing is obtained to sell insurance in a specific region. Insurance licenses must also be renewed at regular intervals, and there should be no doubt about the agency’s legal standing or licensing status.

2. Community Involvement

The most trusted independent insurance agencies earn their success by providing outstanding service to every client, allowing them to grow organically and gradually serve an increasing number of individuals. A larger footprint can often reflect well upon their past performance.

A good sign of a trustworthy independent insurance agency is one who demonstrates an investment in their community by actively participating in local events, organizations, and initiatives.

For instance, they may volunteer with a local charity or offer educational seminars to help the public gain a better understanding of insurance coverage options. Furthermore, they should be knowledgeable about the unique needs of the area and its residents, as this demonstrates that they are genuinely interested in positively impacting their community. They may even partner with other businesses to provide discounts and exclusive offers to locals. 

Community involvement can also involve more subtle activities such as sponsoring local sports teams or donating time and resources to important causes. All of these efforts let customers know that their independent agency is invested in making their corner of the world a better place to live.

3. Years of Experience

Reputable independent insurance agencies also have years of collective experience among their agents, allowing them to provide a wealth of knowledge, insights, and valuable guidance to their clients. The local agency you choose to work with should have a consistent track record for years or even decades, verified by positive reviews, authentic testimonials, and steady growth.

Many of our employees have stayed with Torian for over 10 years. Some of the most experienced members of our team have been here for two decades or longer, allowing us to build a strong foundation of trust among our valued clients.

4. Variety of Insurance Offerings

Leading independent agencies work with a variety of insurance companies to provide comprehensive coverage solutions for their clients. These insurance offerings should include plans for automotive insurance, business liability, renter’s insurance, health coverage, landlord insurance, and more. Not all local insurance agencies offer the same variety of insurance options, so it’s a good idea to shop around for an agency that can manage all the policies you need under one roof.

Torian’s insurance offerings span many different forms of coverage for individuals, families, businesses, and even events. In addition to essential property policies like home insurance, commercial auto or motorcycle coverage, valuable items insurance, and condo insurance, we also provide several life insurance options to accommodate your needs. Torian provides disability and health coverage, too, including Medicare supplement insurance. Our various offerings can also cover all your business insurance needs, including group coverage for employees, commercial auto insurance, and policies for numerous liabilities.

5. Knowledge

Navigating the complexities of insurance policies can sometimes get confusing, so finding a knowledgeable independent agency can be quite helpful. Speak with an agent directly to gauge their level of expertise, and don’t be afraid to dive into the finer details of coverage options. The most reputable agencies also tend to have a sizable knowledge base on their website through well-researched blog content covering a wide range of insurance topics. 

If you notice many informative articles and other pieces of insightful content on their website, it’s a good sign the agency knows its stuff. But don’t be afraid to ask tough questions to learn how various agencies approach your situation and how quickly they respond to frequently asked questions or customer concerns.

6. Convenience

Since larger insurance companies process an enormous amount of information daily from numerous customers, it can sometimes take a long time to get through to a real agent or receive updates on pending claims. The upside to an independent, local agency is a more hands-on approach that delivers personalized care to every client. 

This often translates to a more convenient experience for policyholders, especially those who prefer to work with an agent they know and trust. When looking for an independent insurance agency, consider their location, their hours of operation, and how readily they respond to questions or concerns. 

While nationwide insurance companies often rely on toll-free numbers or email to communicate, a great local agency should have no issues calling you over the phone to discuss matters directly.

7. Recommendations From Friends or Family

One of the easiest ways to find the right independent insurance agency is to ask friends or loved ones who trust to handle all their insurance needs. A successful local agency should have a strong reputation for providing quality service to neighbors, family members, and businesses in the community. Consider asking around to get a sense of which agency works best for people in your area or about negative experiences people have encountered when working with various agencies. 

People who stay with a particular independent insurance agency for years do so because of the outstanding service they receive, so seek out the advice of those who have remained with the same agency for some time.

Why Torian Is the Right Independent Insurance Agency for You

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Independent insurance agencies do not work for insurance companies. They endeavor to keep their valued customers happy. At Torian, you can rely on us to keep your best interests at heart and provide the best possible insurance at a competitive price. 

As a local-community-focused independent insurance agency, our insurance provides coverage to individuals throughout the tristate area of Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana. We have a wide selection of insurance offerings, including umbrella insurance, commercial crime insurance, or even  pet insurance. We also offer many primary coverage plans like term and whole life insurance or comprehensive health coverage to ensure you’re always fully protected. 

With Torian, you can rest assured knowing all your insurance policies are under one roof and carefully managed by a team of dedicated professionals.

If you’re looking for a reputable independent insurance agency you can trust for years to come, Torian Insurance may be the perfect choice for you. Contact us today to fill us in on your insurance needs.

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